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Amplifier Research 200T1G3
Microwave Amplifier, 0.8 GHz - 2.8 GHz, 200W

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Manufacturer: Amplifier Research
Model: 200T1G3

Amplifier Research 200T1G3 Microwave Amplifier, 0.8 GHz - 2.8 GHz, 200W

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Amplifier Research 200T1G3 Microwave Amplifier, 0.8 GHz - 2.8 GHz, 200W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview


The Amplifier Research 200T1G3 is a self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, traveling wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifier designed for applications that require instantaneous bandwidth and high gain. It is housed in a stylish cabinet and designed for benchtop use, but can be removed easily for rack mounting.

Features and Specifications of the Amplifier Research 200T1G3 Amplifier include:

  • Features:
    • Provides readily available RF power for a variety of applications including:
      • Test and measurement
      • EMC RF susceptibility testing
      • Industrial and university research and applications
      • Service applications
    • A reliable 250 watt TWT provides a conservative 200 watts minimum at the amplifier output connector
    • Front panel digital display:
      • Shows forward and reflected output
      • Provides extensive system status information:
        • Accessed through menus via soft keys
        • Status Indicators include:  power on, warm-up, standby, operate, faults, excess reflected power warning, and remote
    • Standard features include:
      • Built-in IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface
      • 0dBm input
      • VSWR protection
      • Gain control
      • External video pulsing
      • RF output sample port
      • Monitoring of TWT helix current, cathode voltage, collector voltage, heater current, heater voltage, baseplate temperature, and cabinet temperature
      • Input overdrive protection
    • Modular design of the power supply and RF components accommodate easy access and repair
    • Switching mode power supply results in significant weight reduction
    • External video pulsing feature reduces prime power use for pulse applications
  • Specifications:
    • Power (fundamental), CW, @ output connector:  
      • Nominal:  242 watts
      • Minimum:  200 watts
      • Linear @ 1 dB compression:  50 watts minimum
    • Flatness:  ± 12 dB maximum, equalized for ± 5 dB maximum at rated power
    • Frequency response:  0.8-2.8 GHz instantaneously
    • Input for rated output:  1.0 milliwatt maximum
    • Gain (at maximum setting):  53 dB minimum
    • Gain adjustment (continuous range):  35 dB minimum
    • Input impedance:  50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 maximum
    • Output impedance:  50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 typical
    • Mismatch tolerance:  
      • Output power foldback protection at reflected power exceeding 40 watts 
      • Will operate without damage or oscillation with any magnitude and phase of source and load impedance
      • May oscillate with unshielded open due to coupling to input
      • Should not be tested with connector off
    • Modulation capability:  
      • Will faithfully reproduce AM, FM, or pulse modulation appearing on the input signal
      • AM peak envelope power limited to specified power
    • Video pulse capability:
      • Pulse width:  0.05 microseconds minimum
      • Pulse rate (PRF):  100 kHz maximum
      • RF rise and fall:  30 ns maximum (10% to 90%)
      • Delay:  300 ns maximum from pulse input to RF90%
      • Pulse width distortion:  ±30 ns maximum (50% points of output pulse width compared to 50% points of input pulse width)  
    • Noise power density: 
      • Pulse on:
        • Maximum:  Minus 72 dBm/Hz
        • Typical:  Minus 77 dBm/Hz
      • Pulse off:
        • Typical:  Minus 140 dBm/Hz
    • Harmonic distortion:  
      • Maximum:  Minus 3 dBc
      • Typical:  Minus 4.5 dBc
    • Primary power:
      • 190 - 260VAC
      • 50/60 Hz, single phase
      • 2.5 KVA maximum
    • Connectors:
      • RF input:  Type N female on rear panel
      • RF output:  Type N female on rear panel
      • RF output sample port:  Type N female on rear panel
      • GPIB:  IEEE-488 (f)
      • Interlock:  DB-15 female on rear panel
      • Video:  BNC-female on rear panel
    • Cooling:  Forced air (self contained fans), airy entry and exit in rear

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