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Amplifier Research 1000TP8G18
Microwave TWT Pulsed Amplifier, 7.5 - 18 GHz, 1000W

Amplifiers - RF and Microwave >> Above 1 GHz and 1000 Watt or More >> Microwave TWT Pulsed Amplifier, 7.5 - 18 GHz, 1000W
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Manufacturer: Amplifier Research
Model: 1000TP8G18

Amplifier Research 1000TP8G18 Microwave TWT Pulsed Amplifier, 7.5 - 18 GHz, 1000W

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Amplifier Research 1000TP8G18 Microwave TWT Pulsed Amplifier, 7.5 - 18 GHz, 1000W Product Datasheet Download Product Datasheet

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Product Overview

Rent Amplifier Research 1000TP8G18 PULSE TWT Ampifier (Call for Availability):


The Amplifier Research 1000TP8G18 is a self contained, forced air cooled, broadband traveling wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifier designed for pulse applications at low to moderate duty factors where instantaneous bandwidth, and high gain are required. A reliable TWT subsystem provides a conservative 1000 watts minimum peak RF pulse power at the amplifier output connector. Stated power specifications are at the fundamental frequency. The amplifier's front panel digital display shows forward and reflected average power output or forward and reflected peak power, plus extensive system status information accessed through a series of menus via soft keys. Status indicators include power on, warm-up, standby, operate, faults, excess average or peak reflected power warning and remote. Standard features include a built-in IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface, 0 dBm input, TTL Gating, VSWR protection, gain control, RF output sample port, auto sleep, plus monitoring of TWT helix current, cathode voltage, collector voltage, heater current, heater voltage, baseplate temperature and cabinet temperature. Modular design of the power supply and RF components allow for easy access and repair. Use of a switching mode power supply results in significant weight reduction. Housed in a stylish contemporary cabinet, the Amplifier Research 1000TP8G18 provides readily available pulsed RF power for a variety of applications in Test and Measurement, (including EMC RF pulse susceptibility testing), Industrial and University Research and Development, and Service applications. AR also offers a broad range of amplifiers for CW (Continuous Wave) applications. See Amplifier Research Configurations for alternative packaging and special features.


Functions and Specifications of the Amplifer Research 1000TP8G18TWT Amplifer Includes:


Power (Fundamental), Peak Pulse, @ Output Connector: 

Nominal: 1800 watts

Minimum: 1000 watts


Flatness: ±8 dB maximum, equalized for ±3 dB maximum

at rated power


Frequency response: 7.5 - 18 GHz instantaneously


Input for rated output: 1.0 milliwatt maximum


Gain (at maximum setting): 60 dB minimum


Gain Adjustment (continuous range): 35 dB minimum


Input Impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 maximum


Output Impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 typical


Mismatch Tolerance: Output pulse width foldback protection at

peak reflected power exceeding 500 watts. Will operate

without damage or oscillation with any magnitude and

phase of source and load impedance. May oscillate with

unshielded open due to coupling to input. Should not be

tested with connector off.


Pulse Capability

Pulse Width: 0.07 – 100 microseconds.

Pulse Rate (PRF): 100 kHz maximum

Duty Cycle: 4% maximum.

RF Rise and Fall: 30 ns max (10% to 90%).

Delay: 300 ns maximum from pulse input to RF 90%


Pulse Width Distortion: ±30 ns maximum (50% points of output

pulse width compared to 50% points of input pulse width)


Pulse Off Isolation: 80 dB minimum, 90 dB typical


Pulse Input: TTL level, 50 ohm nominal termination


Noise Power Density: 

(pulse on): Minus 57 dBm/Hz (maximum),

minus 58 dBm/Hz (typical)

(pulse off): Minus 140 dBm/Hz (typical)


Harmonic Distortion: Minus 2 dBc maximum, Minus 3 dBc typical


Primary Power: 190-260 VAC, single phase 50/60 Hz 1.5 KVA




RF input: Type N female on rear panel

RF output: Type WRD 750D24 waveguide flange on rear panel

RF output forward sample port: Type N female on rear panel

Pulse input: Type BNC female on rear panel

GPIB: IEEE-488 female on rear panel

Interlock: DB-15 female on rear panel


Cooling: Forced air (self contained fans), air entry and exit in rear.


Weight and Size: See Model Configurations

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